Thursday, June 8, 2023
Llannon and Tumble get two new defibrillators

Llannon and Tumble get two new defibrillators

LLANNON Community Council say that they are  delighted to be the recipients of two new defibrillators with security boxes for Llannon and Tumble.

Local business owner Cathy McPherson fundraised for a unit outside her shop, Maddocks Store in Tumble.

Llannon Community Council also provided assistance along with Gwyn Edwards to ensure that the community has the defibrillators which will be installed soon.

Cllr Nathan Holman, a local qualified paramedic, received the donation of the actual defibrillators from Welsh Ambulance Service meaning funds raised can now be used for their security boxes.

Paul Summers, owner of Harri Morgan’s Fish Bar & Café donated the Llannon security box.

Cllr Dot Jones and Cllr Nathan Holman organised the adoption and electrification of unused BT kiosks to house the units following the suggestion to utilise them by Dan Snaith Chair of Llannon Community Association.

Asked about the benefits to the community, qualified paramedic Cllr Nathan Holman said: “Undoubtedly the installation of these units will save lives. It is medically proven that an individual in cardiac arrest given CPR and defibrillation in a short period of time has a greatly improved chance of survival. Ideally, everyone in our community needs to know where these defibrillators are located and about the benefits of being trained in CPR and the use of defibrillators.”

Llannon Community Council are now looking at offering free training.

Cllr Dot Jones, Nathan Holman and Cll Chair Kim Thomas

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