MARTY McFly set the dials in the Delorean and with a trail of fire the car landed in Llanelli in the 1980’s.

By some quirk of fate Michael Knight had also arrived along with KITT his speaking car. As it happens Del Boy and his trusty yellow three wheeler happened to be in town with a market stall selling objay dars and horses duvers as well.

Were we dreaming? Electric Dreams maybe. We were most definitely human and dancers. This was Ymlaen Llanelli’s latest attempt to bring the good folks of Carmarthenshire and those visiting from the land down under and from Swansea and Pembrokeshire into town on Saturday (Jun 30, 1980).

There was an abundance of luminous lycra, headbands, leg warmers and rara skirts and that was just the team from Ymlaen Llanelli. Vaughan Street was transformed into a beach with deckchairs available for those who wanted to sit in the sunshine and listen to Walking on Sunshine.

There was something strange in the neighbourhood of Llanelly House as the ghost busters were seen there. Probably after the 80’s themed food. Can’t beat a bit of scampi and chips or  cheese, pickles and pineapple on a stick. Ooh, hit me, hit me, HIT ME!

Someone also lost their heart to a Starship Trooper, well a Stormtrooper to be exact. The friendly blast from the past was keen to find friends but all he got were droids devoid of emotion and even Darth Vader had been banished to Mars.

The Tenovus Choir went 80’s mad singing Madness songs and the market strained to Jam, not strawberry, The Jam in a town without Malice and not a ghost town either.

Some locals even took to the impromptu dance floor but our caretaker, Dai’s wife had to be persuaded. Eileen is not one for public dancing. Oh come on Eileen too ra loo ra aye come on.

With the shortage of Co2 there were worries that there might not be enough pop in the shop but fear not pop pickers there was plenty of Orange Juice coming from the main stage. Rip it up and start again we say.

The shops got into the spirit of it all with 80’s themed cakes and of course Mrs Jenkins told us, You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties.

For one moment someone threatened to open up the Glen Ballroom and serve chicken in a basket but they were persuaded otherwise by someone in a mirror in a bathroom.

No rats in any kitchens in town despite the hot weather. We could not see much in the window of Vaughan’s on Thomas Street. The sun always shines on TV. There was plenty of slap on protection from the sun with bottles of Club Tropicana being handed out.

As Marty, Mike, Doc and Del Boy made their way towards the Moonraker looking for a good night out one couldn’t help wishing that every day could be the 80’s again. This brief trip back in time was a reminder of better days in the town for many and also a sign that things really could improve with just a little bit ooh ah, just a little bit more effort from everyone and that is really saying something. As the crowds traipsed off to the pubs for more eighties tunes this really did prove to be a day and a night to remember.

Photos: Noah Evans & Iwan lewis

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