GI Joe writes for Llanelli Online. Here he offers his worldly advice for parents looking to keep fit during the school holidays.

With two darling (darling=pure evil) children, I can personally say School Holidays will make a difference to your routine. You are now facing down 6 weeks of entertaining your children, which can be great but if you’ve been working your butt off in the gym you’re probably wondering how on earth you’ll fit it all in?

Depending on your kids ages, there will be varying degrees of how much they need entertaining. 13yrs+ I’m guessing its computer games, anything less then you may well still have children that don’t ‘hate’ you.

What do I suggest? Get them involved.

If you are anything like us then you have exposed your minions to exercise for a while now so if you start doing some body weight exercises they’ll want to get involved already, if not then just encourage them to ‘Bet you can’t beat Mammy’ works a charm.
Get outside walking or hit up a park. If you have little ones, push them in the pram for a jog or go to a park and they can sit in the pram while you do your weights workout, or use them as the weights while you do squats or push press parks are an adults play-gym too.

If you are fortunate enough to be a part of a gym that welcomes children then take them with you for some quick sessions. They may not want to join in straight away but as long as they are entertained you’ll all benefit.

You’ve now got to worry about lunch for them too and don’t want to be cooking separate meals three times a day.

The whole family will benefit from involving the kids in your workout and the same goes for healthy eating, you may feel that it’s hard to eat well because the kids won’t eat the same healthy meal. Get them involved in the shopping and meal prep because eventually (with practice and patience) they will catch on to your family’s new style of eating.

Our members are fortunate in the way that we are proud to be a family at our gym and welcome children along, after all we’d much prefer to see the children seeing exercise as a ‘normal’ way of life rather than something they’ll fake sick notes to avoid doing in school.

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