Entertaining at Loughor Boat Club: the Hoodie Crows

LISTEN again to the German duo The Hoodie Crows as they perform their set at  Loughor Boat Club.

The folk duo were on a tour of the UK using folk clubs, bars and front rooms in homes to promote their unique combination of folk songs inspired by some of the greats of the music industry as well as having written and produced some of their own material.

The duo played the Kilkenny Cat as well as making a front room appearance in New Road at the home of balladeer and wandering minstrel Iain Sewell.

The hosting of bands in front rooms is popular in Germany, where folks get together and share food and drink. It was a great experience following the duo around and seeing how warmly they were welcomed to Wales.

The Hoodie Crows from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Wandering minstrel: Iain Sewell

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