Bowing out at the Labour Conference: First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

FOLLOWING his pledge to lend his nomination to Eluned Morgan to ensure a woman gets onto the ballot paper for the leadership race earlier today Wales’ First Minister has gone on to speak  passionately for the rights of women.

The First Minister gave a rousing speech on gender equality to the crowd at the conference today, Monday (Sep 24) stating ‘equality is not job done, it’s a work in progress’; also confirming that Wales will from this day onwards ratify the Istanbul Convention (VAWG) aiming to prevent and combat violence against women, calling current measures across the U.K. a ‘postcode lottery’ and declaring support as being ‘too patchy’ during his final standing. 

The First Minister also expressed the Welsh Labour Government’s continued commitment to workers’ right to fair pay, namely in the public sector,  announcing,  ‘tomorrow our government will give doctors and dentists the pay rise they deserve, at a level above that in England’.

After speaking of Labour’s past and present achievements in Wales, including the fact that the Right to Buy no longer stands and internal markets are not operating within the Welsh NHS, he said:  “It’s time for a Labour government in Westminster.”

During the conference he made it known how crucial it was that Labour upheld its traditional values, including calling for a return in the respectful way that Party Members once spoke to one another – going on to clarify that it is something which has in particular been missing recently. 

This will be the First Minister’s last conference speech as First Minister and Leader of Welsh Labour, but he will continue to serve the people of Bridgend as their Assembly Member.

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