DYFED-Powys Police will be promoting Dementia Awareness throughout the force area and encouraging all staff to become Dementia Friends during Dementia Awareness week which runs from 21st – 27th May 2018.

Our ageing communities are very much a focus of our work here in Dyfed-Powys, so much so that one of the objectives of our strategic equality plan is:

· To ensure that staff and officers have the appropriate knowledge and resources to take into account our ageing population through service delivery and workforce management.

The most common point of contact police officers and staff have with people with dementia is when they are experiencing a crisis. However, they may also be a victim, witness or perpetrator of crime. Effective partnership working and improved training are key to ensuring an appropriate police response in all situations. It is also important to remember that many people in the service are, or will be, affected directly by dementia.

A number of our local Neighbourhood Policing Teams already support Dementia Friendly communities having become recognised Dementia Friends, with a number of officers becoming Dementia Friends Champions in order to allow them to deliver the inputs themselves. In the past year alone, the Dementia Friends input has been rolled out to an additional 422 officers and PCSOs. We will continue to deliver the input as part of ongoing training.

As the force continues to work towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Organisation it pledges to

1.   Continue to roll out Dementia Friendly training across the organisation, and encourage all that undertake training to wear the ‘forget me not’ badges;

2.   Undertake an audit of our stations to identify any changes required in order to make the same accessible to people living with Dementia; and

3.   Work towards becoming a Dementia Friendly employer – supporting employees living with Dementia themselves, or caring for someone who lives with Dementia.

Chief Constable Mark Collins said: “It’s really important we deliver a service that is accessible to all our communities. As a Dementia Friendly Organisation, working alongside dementia friendly services we will be able to better support those who have dementia and their families. We are committed as public service to train even more staff to become Dementia Friends enabling us to support the most vulnerable in our communities.”

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