A leading motoring journalist says he is fed up with temporary traffic lights on the Llanelli to Pwll Road and claims that the council could implement more imaginative ways of directing the traffic flow such as give way chicanes. The journalist who writes for some of the major motoring magazines said he wished to remain anonymous but insisted that the temporary lights, and out of use pedestrian crossings were a metaphor for how rubbish the council are.

Targeting the council on it’s environmental policy the journalist said: “If they are so worried about the green side of things why are they putting in lights. Cars running on stop in queues like that  create more pollution. What the heck are they doing. They could put in temporary chicanes. There was a queue there all the way back to the Pwll stores. It is a disgrace. It is ridiculous. Carmarthenshire county council don’t give a monkeys about people getting to and from work.”

Llanelli Online went to take a look at the problem and you can watch our short film here, which includes what the people affected by the ongoing works had to say:

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