ON Sunday (Sep 23) at SERA, Labour’s Environment Campaign’s meeting, during discussions on Labour’s updated Environment Policy it was explained to delegates by Welsh Environment Minister Hannah Blythyn that Wales has one of the highest recycling rates in the world at 64%, second only to Germany at 66%.

Miss Blythyn then continued to raise a crucial point regarding British recycling as a whole, saying “To achieve the required change on recycling we need to work in partnership, from grassroots to government” following on by stating “If we get it right with the environment it brings broader benefits to health and well being and the economy”, finishing with the statement that she would like to see Wales grow to become a circular nation.

This victory for Welsh ecosystems and the environment comes just days after Carmarthenshire County Council’s meeting during which a move towards going paperless was proposed and carried. At that meeting Mark James CEO said that he understood that there may be some issues in going paperless like access to broadband in rural areas but said that the council would do all it could to support councillors in using technology.

Minutes and agendas of council meetings would be just some of the items accessed on tablets instead of piles of paper within the chamber. Another suggestion was that the minutes and agendas were projected on the big screen behind the Chairman. Although some councillors raised some concerns the majority spoke positively about the move on the grounds of environmental issues. The Welsh Assembly Government has also launched a drive to promote the use of electric and hybrid cars.

Preaching to the converted: Mark James CBE CEO of Carmarthenshire County Council

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