RESPONDING to the First Minister’s announcement that caravan parks and campsites across Wales will be made to close, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said,

“We very much welcome this decision by the Welsh Government to act upon the powers which they already have and close the caravan parks and tourist sites. This will give much needed comfort to those areas which have been inundated with visitors over the past few days and will ensure that there isn’t added pressure on our NHS.

“However, we need more action on the question of holiday lets, other tourist accommodations and non-primary residences. Current UK and Welsh Government advice states that people should not travel to their second homes because of the added pressure it puts on local services. That advice needs to be backed up by appropriate powers of enforcement if people choose to ignore it.

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“Unless people cannot return home because someone is self-isolating in their primary residence, or for another humanitarian reason, all travel to non-primary residences should cease and people currently in non-primary residences should return home. Put simply, this will save lives.

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