Reverend David Jones of Greenfield Chapel, Llanelli writes for Llanelli Online

Markle sparkles as love conquers all

WHAT a perfect day for a wedding. Glorious sunshine, crowded streets, bunting and celebration along with a world-wide audience of billions who wished well to Prince Harry and his lovely bride Meghan Markle as they made their wedding vows in the sacred cloisters of St. George’s chapel in Windsor. The day went without a hitch and with a sense of occasion that in the UK is always done with such precision and pageantry. Our own Huw Edwards, as always, the seasoned professional and his...

Waste Not Want Not

Supermarkets it seems are taking much more seriously than ever the increasing problem of food wastage.

The bargain offers such as two for the price of one are now being actively discouraged as they are the main reason that families on average are waste an estimated £700 a year on food that is eventually binned. In most cases it’s because we are being nudged into falling for these bargain offers which is adding to food waste and is becoming a major issue in most developed countries....

I’d rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light

Thought for the week: Reverend David Jones

Records were broken when at 11am on Bank Holiday Monday temperatures peaked at their highest levels since 1999. This had nearly everyone flocking to the beaches, parks and other open spaces just to take in and enjoy the sunshine, which was so welcome following the wet and cold winter we’ve had.

A note of caution however, as according to the forecasts there are some changes on the way, which may well be a relief as it’s back to work and...

Democracy ain’t perfect

THE news broke on Sunday evening that Amber Rudd had resigned as Home Secretary. It seems then that her apology to the House of Commons for the misinformation on deportation targets was not enough to subdue the calls for her to go. Despite the support of the Prime Minister and other colleagues her resignation was accepted and already a new home secretary has been appointed.

Sajid Javid has taken over at the helm of one of the most challenging departments in government and this will...

It’s a boy!

IT'S a boy! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their new born son on Monday while the media of the world waited in anticipation. They were soon rewarded as mum and dad proudly appeared on the hospital steps with their baby boy snugly in his mother’s arms. It’s amazing that some people had camped outside the hospital for days just to witness the moment and they weren’t disappointed. To the delight and cheers of the crowds pictures were...

Father Forgive Them

THIS Sunday will be the 25th Anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence who was racially attacked and murdered by five youths in London in 1993.

The way the police handled Stephen’s death led to such outrage that it led to inquiries which revealed ‘institutional racism’ in the Metropolitan police of the day.

The original case against the youths involved was handled with incompetence at every level and had it not been for a private prosecution brought by Stephen’s...

Only love can drive out hate

Thought for the week - Reverend David Jones

FIFTY years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot dead in Memphis by white segregationist James Earl Ray.

This was at the height of the civil rights movement which strove for equality for black people in the highly segregated deep south of the USA. Dr. King’s insistence throughout the campaign for equality was always on non-violence. This,...

A father’s forgiveness

Australian cricket was sent spiralling following the revelation of ball tampering in the third test against South Africa.

The controversy that followed left a nation in shock and disbelief. The footage of the event was all revealing and now the reputation of some of Australia’s top players are in tatters to say the least.

There is, of course no excuse and those involved despite their deep regret will have to face lengthy exclusions from the game that has been their life.


I thank the Lord for ‘Happiness’

COMEDY legend Ken Dodd died last week following a short illness. He was 90years of age and died in the house in which he was born.

What an incredible all-round entertainer he was. I remember on a Blackpool holiday with my parents as a wide eyed eleven-year-old seeing him for the first time brandishing his tickling stick and seeing for the first time his beloved ‘Diddy’ men from Knotty Ash. He could certainly hold an audience and often his shows would overrun such was his delight...

You only have one Mum

Thought for the week - Reverend David Jones

Many a mum will be lavished with flowers, gifts and even breakfast in bed this Sunday as it will be Mum's special day. Meals out, cards and greetings from children far and near who will want to remind their mothers of how much they are loved will be the order of the day.

All these expressions and love and gratitude make this day special which...