Beach Warriors event takes over the sands of Cefn Sidan

OVER 500 runners took part in the Beach Warriors 5-mile challenge on Sunday (May 13) on the sands of Cefn Sidan beach.

With the sun shining and blue skies children and adults of all ages enjoyed taking part in the races.

Participants had a number of obstacles to overcome during the 5-mile run, these included hurdles, barriers and a boxing ring.

Each runner was timed using an electronic chip timing system to record their score. A number of people ran to raise money for...

Defeat to Doncaster but Raiders prove they’re not done

THE West Wales Raiders came out fighting against an in form Doncaster side today, Sunday (May 13) at Stebonheath Park. The world's media may have had their fill of mockery and mirth following two huge defeats for the Raiders but anyone spectating at Stebonheath today would have to acknowledge that this is a team with passion, heart and guts.

They may have been defeated again by 70 points to 18 but the new kids on the block really did put on a great show of determined play...

Gomer Williams open new offices in Bont

AS one door closes another opens so they say. That is exactly what is happening on the High Street in Pontarddulais as new businesses replace old. The new kids on the High Street in Pontarddulais happen to be one of Llanelli's oldest law firms Gomer Williams Solicitors.

The company is going from strength to strength and the latest acquisition is an office right in the heart of the village, which itself is rapidly developing into a town. The Bont or Wedding City as some call it is...

Campaigners urge inquiry to keep Llanerch field as green and open space

CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to keep Llanerch field as an open and green space for the community as it has been they claim for the last 100 years.

Sharon Burdess and Heather Peters have attended a four day inquiry to give evidence in support of retaining the field for community use.

Carmarthenshire County Council have submitted a planning application for a new Welsh Medium School. It is claimed that the present Ysgol Dewi Sant School is not fit for purpose.

The duo of Heather Peters and...

An interview with Sean Rees

Sean Rees was the press officer for the Llanelli Branch of Plaid Cymru. In the run up to the General Election of 2017 he was replaced as the prospective MP candidate for Llanelli by Mari Arthur.

Numerous accusations flew around on social media but as yet neither Plaid Cymru's central office nor the local Plaid Cymru branch appear to have got to the bottom of what actually happened.

Subsequently a large number of local branch members were suspended.

They were joined by Cardiff AM...

‘More to come’ after Sam’s Special Screening @ Odeon

SAM Williams says there is 'more to come' after what he claims was a World's first on March 27th when he teamed up with Odeon in Llanelli to show the film Tomb Raider without pictures.

Sam's idea was to give people the same sort of experience he goes through when watching films as he is registered as blind. Most large studios provide an audio description of what is going on on screen for partially sighted and blind people so in effect what you are hearing is the soundtrack of...

Presenting WINDSHAKE live @Red10

LAST Tuesday (Mar 20) we filmed WINDSHAKE at Red10 in Llanelli.

The Swansea-based trio bring something new to the table with a modern twist on post punk fused with dark and edgy alternative rock.

The band have been playing just over a year and have performed at a number of venues.

Band members include Ethan on bass, Oliver on drums and Sam on guitar and vocals. They will be performing at the MOON in Cardiff on April 6th and in Sin City on July 27th.

Here is our exclusive...

Llanelli Town Council forces County Council U-turn on £180k spend on pay and display machines

A Llanelli based County Councillor has insisted that Llanelli Town Council were instrumental in forcing the county council to do a 'U-turn' regarding where the £180k from the Welsh Assembly Government would be spent, when unelected officers recommended it should be spent on upgrading pay and display machines rather then trialling free parking schemes in town centres.

Speaking to Llanelli Online about the town council's...

Under canvas for understaffed out of hours GP services

It may not be everyone's idea of a great way to spend a couple of days by camping out alongside a busy road outside a busy hospital in these cold conditions but that is exactly what Adrian Morgans is doing over the next couple of days as he launches his campaign to highlight the difficulties people face when services at the Prince Philip Hospital are closed.

Adrian believes that there is more to come and says that the people of Llanelli must be alert to the possibility of further...