Residents blame ‘Berlin Wall’ for flooding and back up of sewage

Dear Editor

Many thanks for coming out to see the residents at Sandy Road and the Taylor Wimpey Stradey Housing Development.

It is a development when completed which will see around 350 homes completed, however the South Eastern Sector has now started with the erection of 14 foot high steel sheeting which was drilled and hammered into the ground with an exposed height of 7 foot. On top of this is an extra height layer of earth which has been compounded to form a 12 foot base for two...

Calls for second Severn bridge to be called ‘The Prince Owain Glyndŵr Bridge’

Reader's Letter From: Gwyn Hopkins

THE announcement on Wednesday (4/4/18) that the English Establishment (that includes the Tory and Labour Parties) has decreed that the second Severn Bridge is to be called The Prince of Wales Bridge shows that its intention of ramming the royal family down our throats continues unabated,

Almost 2 decades after the barbaric conquest and occupation of Wales by England in 1282, Edward I decided to add insult to injury upon Wales by installing his son as...

Open letter to council leader Emlyn Dole

'Raise the Rainbow flag'

On behalf of our LGBT+ members we think the council has lost an opportunity to make a public statement of solidarity with LGBT + employees and the public by flying the Rainbow flag for a month. (See attached article South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 21st February 2018).

You have stated that ‘the decision wasn’t about not flying the rainbow flag; it was to adhere to the present policy and protocol around the flying of flags on government...

Why was there no risk assessment on new school?

Dear Editor
I recently heard about a public meeting to relocate Chooselife drop in centre from Copperworks Road. I live in the area and people around here have been fighting for this to happen for many years now. Common sense is needed and safety of children should come first.
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Thank you for the sympathy over air quality

Ray Jones has written in with his take on a recent article in the Llanelli Star. Ray writes:

“In response, may I on behalf of the residents thank the Cycle Forum for their “huge sympathy with the residents over air quality”

“A sentiment which I no doubt is sincerely expressed, however sympathy doesn't stop us all including our children from developing respiratory diseases, including Asthma, or Cancers through constant exposure through breathing “particulate...

Llanerch Committee takes issue with Llanelli Star

It appears that Llanerch field has become the hot topic amongst local media following what was a void in reporting on the issue. The Llanelli Star published an article “Leaders Speak out against disinformation” (Llanelli Star 27/09/17 pages 14 & 15) which has instantly come under fire from those opposed to siting a new school on the green field site at Llanerch without consideration for the use of brown field sites, of which they claim, there are...