Council’s school plans ‘precluded potential parking problems’ on George Street

LLANELLI Online received a letter today, Friday (May 4) containing a DVD with a film and photographs of what the sender described as chaos on George Street in Llanelli.

The DVD contained film footage showing cars parked on wither side of the pavement and parents pushing buggies along the road.

Reference was also made to the recent fire in George Street and the difficulties faced in trying to access the road.

County Councillor Louvain Roberts who lives on the road said:

“It is...

Resident’s meeting votes to move Chooselife

Special report by Alan Evans & Iwan Lewis

The Director of Chooselife in Llanelli Alan Andrews has said that a group desperately trying to have his centre relocated is running what he calls 'Project Fear'. Mr Andrews was hoping to attend a public meeting organised to discuss concerns regarding the centre's close proximity to a newly built school but he claims that the goal posts were moved and he was banned from the meeting when it was changed to...

Chooselife responds to petition for them to be moved

A PETITION calling for the relocation of a drug rehabilitation charity in Llanelli has been presented to the county council.

178 signatures were collected in support of the petition which called on the council to relocate Chooselife to alternative accommodation away from its present base at Copperworks Road in Llanelli.

Petitioners said they were concerned at the proximity of the charity to a new primary school being built in the area.

Presented by Vanessa March, chair of the...

Second fire at Granby Close

THE emergency services have been called out to deal with a fire at a block of flats in Granby Close Llanelli this evening, Monday, (Jan 8). It is the second fire within a couple of months. The last fire at the flats occurred on November 23rd.

It is understood that at least two fire crews are at the scene along with other emergency services. Our reporter Iwan Lewis is at the scene.

We will bring you updates as soon as they come in.

Latest: 22:56pm

Mid and West Wales Fire and...

Andrews claims ‘naysayers are not targeting the problem’ in Tyisha and Glanymor

THE man behind Chooselife, a centre for service users including people with drug and alcohol related issues says that he is perplexed at the negativity from some quarters towards the centre.

Alan Andrews a former self confessed drug addict found God and turned his life around and has been instrumental in establishing a centre in the Tyisha/Glanymor Ward in Llanelli, which was recently described by a Plaid Cymru councillor as one of the worse wards...

Tablets and machete found at Seaside play area

A Llanelli Town Councillor has raised concerns following what he claims were ecstasy tablets and a machete found in a children's play area in the Seaside area of the town. Cllr Rees contacted Llanelli Online to say that a storage object was discovered which contained a number of what appeared to be ecstasy tablets along with a machete knife. He said that the police had been informed and that the 'drugs' along with the knife had been removed for further investigation.

Llanelli Online...

Granby Close fire latest

In a statement issued this evening the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: “Emergency services were alerted to a fire in the stairwell of a block of flats at Granby Close, Llanelli, at approx. 5.15pm this evening (Nov 23).

“Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service have the fire under control. Police officers are at scene assisting with traffic and members of the public.

“Due to concerns for safety, four blocks of...

10-year-old Tia saves the day at Granby Close

Special report by Alan Evans and Iwan Lewis

TEN -year-old Tia Hughes saved the day with her quick reactions when she spotted smoke coming from a block of flats at Granby Close in Llanelli.

Tia ran as quick as she could to alert her family, Christian, her cousin Luke (23) and father Daniel (33).

Tia's father Daniel said: "If it hadn't been for Tia things could have been a lot worse.  She ran down to my house screaming."

Quick thinking Daniel  Luke and Christian took a ladder...

Mayor humbled by Llanelli’s homeless stories

LLANELLI Town Mayor Cllr Jeff Edmunds says he has been humbled by a visit to a soup kitchen, which opens its doors every Sunday evening at Y Lle in Llanelli. Cllr Edmunds made his visit accompanied by Deputy Mayor Cllr Louvain Roberts on Sunday (Oct 22).

Speaking about his experience Cllr Edmunds said: "Its the first time I have come along. It is an amazing thing they are doing here. I have nothing but praise for them. I...

Lemon wants 106 for Sports clubs

LLANELLI Town Councillor Winston Lemon has called for the Town Council to fully support sports organisations in the Seaside area of Llanelli in their bid to secure Section 106 money totalling £144,000, which he said  if left unclaimed would be handed back to wealthy developers with interest. It is unclear what the total of the Section 106 money being held by Carmarthenshire County Council but some have speculated that it runs into millions of...