Mass mortalities at Llanybri cockle beds

FOLLOWING our article on 11/07 (Gatherers anger at decimation of cockle beds) regarding the mass mortalities of cockles in the Burry Inlet and at Laugharne we have been contacted by cockle gatherers from Llanybri who claim that the beds there are also full of dead cockles.

Local fisherman and cockle gatherer Phillip Maides said:

"The cockle beds at Llanybri were meant to be opening next Saturday. There are around 20 to 30 of us who were relying on the beds to open for work.


Westminster turns down Swansea Tidal Lagoon

There will be no Tidal Lagoon power plant in Swansea. The announcement came today Monday (Jun 26) after years of debate and rumblings of uncertainty.

The killer blow was delivered by the Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark who said that the £1.3bn project was not value for money.

First Minister Carwyn Jones had thrown the support and cash of the Welsh Assembly behind the project with backing of £200m. The first Minister described it as a 'crushing blow' for Wales.


Cross party motion calls on Welsh Government to introduce clean air zones

A cross party motion on cleaner air will be debated in the Senedd today.

Assembly Members will call on the Welsh Government to tackle persistent air pollution and introduce clean air zones to change behaviour and improve the health of citizens.

The debate is ahead of international clean air day on 21st June.

Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said: “Air pollution causes 2,000 premature deaths a year which is 6 percent of Wales's total deaths. Nitrogen dioxide and...

‘Contaminated waste’ being dumped in Millennium Coastal Park claims Chairman of cockle gatherers

THE Chairman of the Cockle Association for the Burry Inlet Thomas Hughes has claimed that contaminated waste is being dumped on a stretch of foreshore within the Millennium Coastal Park and that no one including the County Council, Natural Resources Wales or the Welsh Assembly is doing anything about it. Mr Hughes who has been a cockle gatherer for over 20 years was instrumental in taking the UK government through the European Courts of Justice, which resulted in the setting of a a...

Council’s annual grass cutting gets underway

WORK has started on cutting more than 6,000km of grass verges adjacent to the main highways in the rural and inter urban areas of Carmarthenshire.

Highway officers carefully monitor the growth of vegetation on these highway verges around the county to ensure the verges are cut at the optimum time for safety and conservation reasons.

One cut is carried out annually by the local authority, although in some areas a...

First flies now the rats have arrived and residents are fed up

BBC radio described the infestation of flies in Llanelli as being of 'Biblical proportions'. The flies provided misery and suffering for thousands of  householders in Llanelli and some businesses also suffered, especially catering establishments.

The likely source of the flies we are told has been found and centres on a recycling plant close to the affected areas in Seaside.

Residents have questioned why the council took so long to find the source given that they had...

Carmarthenshire’s Labour Leader laments possible loss of lagoon

DOUBTS over whether or not the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will get off the ground have angered Carmarthenshire Labour Leader, Cllr Rob James. The newly appointed leader issued a press release stating: 'It is extremely disappointing that, once again, the Conservative Government is reneging on their promises to the people of Wales.

'The Welsh Labour Government has already committed more than £200m in financial support to ensure that South West Wales is home to the world's first tidal lagoon....

Llanelli residents take bags of flies to public meeting

COUNCILLORS in the hotspot of the fly infestation in Llanelli have said that residents are angry and frustrated over the lack of answers and the failure of the local authority and Dwr Cymru to attend the public meeting held at the Seaside sports and social club this evening, Monday (Jun 4). Dwr Cymru maintain that they did not receive an invite to attend the meeting.

The venue was packed to capacity with a number of members of the public bringing along bags full of flies.


Local beauty spot is ‘an accident waiting to happen’ claims former editor of Llanelli Star

A Llanelli beauty spot has been blighted by vandals who have set light to trees and sculptures as well as disposing of litter including discarded cans and bottles of alcohol. The damage at Coed Cefn Padrig, a woodlands at Sandy Water Park was discovered by media consultant, journalist and broadcaster Robert Lloyd. The former editor of the Llanelli Star said it was 'an accident waiting to happen'.

Speaking to Llanelli Online, Mr Lloyd who is a keen walker said:

"Evening and...

Changes at Trostre tip after complaints about misuse

HEIGHT restriction barriers are being re-introduced at Trostre Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in an attempt to stop the facility being abused by trade vehicles.

During April, 26,000 vehicles visited the site, but it is thought that around a third were businesses who are not permitted to use the facilities.

Growing misuse of the site is causing congestion and safety issues at the site, prompting...