How Much Should You Really Walk to Live Longer?

We’re advised that 10,000 steps a day is the target, but is this right for you?

Sue is an office worker who spends 90% of her day sat at her desk. Now we can’t really go telling Sue she needs to go from walking 3000 steps on a day to 10,000. That’s a huge increase and one that would stress her even more than her boss does.

‘More is still more’ Going from 20minutes of walking a day to 30 minutes will have a great impact on your health, so rather than increasing your daily target by 1000’s, aim to set more time aside to walk.

Increasing your activity level has been shown to decrease the risk of health problems (which we all know really) Start with finding out how many steps you currently do and then you can do a few things; Aim for more with a target Set time aside daily to walk more.

Park further away from work and walk in. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Remember that anything is better than nothing and research has shown this to be true.

So how much should you walk to live longer? More, you should just walk more. Of course this won’t stop any lightning strikes from proving me wrong that walking increases life expectancy.

GI Joe writes for Llanelli Online.

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