Reader’s Letter From: Gwyn Hopkins

THE announcement on Wednesday (4/4/18) that the English Establishment (that includes the Tory and Labour Parties) has decreed that the second Severn Bridge is to be called The Prince of Wales Bridge shows that its intention of ramming the royal family down our throats continues unabated,

Almost 2 decades after the barbaric conquest and occupation of Wales by England in 1282, Edward I decided to add insult to injury upon Wales by installing his son as so-called Prince of Wales.  This legacy of contempt for Wales has been perpetuated to this day, Charles Windsor being the 21st imposed, unelected, Prince of Wales.

However, it was briefly interrupted during the Welsh rebellion of 1400 – 1412 when Owain Glyndŵr emerged as the last authentic Prince of Wales approved, supported and followed by the vast majority of the people of Wales at the time

As such, I suggest that everyone who loves Wales refers to the bridge as The Prince Owain Glyndŵr Bridge so as to specify the only Prince of Wales that they recognise and to which they pay allegiance.

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  1. What an absolute load of rubbish, you Mr Hopkins may be happy living in the past and punishing any one that dares refuse to speak Welsh, learn Welsh or force the language upon their children, you may also be happy clinging onto past woes forced upon us hundreds of years ago, I personally want to move forward and move Wales forward not make it a backward nation but a successful nation full of confident well educated people whose first language is not one that has nearly died out save 19% of the population, most of whom do not even bother speaking it!!! The name of the bridge is lovely The Prince Of Wales Bridge, if it was the Queen Elizabeth bridge fair enough, for goodness sake Mr Hopkins, get a life and stop tryiing to force your outdated ideals on us.

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