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The Bluestone sales executive who ate 55 pancakes to beat her own record

The Bluestone sales executive who ate 55 pancakes to beat her own record

Flippin’ hungry! This Bluestone sales executive ate 55 pancakes to beat her own personal record

Laura Hughes is very competitive, so much so, she even competes with herself.

It is for that reason that she was determined to beat her own record of eating 54 pancakes on Shrove Tuesday last year.

Spurred on by her colleagues within the Sales and Marketing team at the Pembrokeshire holiday resort, Laura tucked into the homemade treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Laura, 26, said the tradition started at the age of eight when she and her friend competed to see who could eat the most on Pancake Day.

“It was an annual challenge, which we took quite seriously, but when she moved away I was stumped as to what to do. I decided that I would compete against myself, or last year’s me,” said Laura.

But it was in university, when Laura was challenged by an equally competitive cheerleader friend, that the total amount she had to eat was dramatically increased.

“I suddenly faced a new challenger and I was not about to give in, so the number I ate soared from a reasonable 16 or seventeen to something like 40. It meant that every year I had to better that and now I’m at 55.”

Bringing her pancakes in work each year and sharing with her colleagues, Laura sets about her challenge by eating pancakes, usually with just butter and sugar.

But Laura takes it all in her stride, even hosting a pancake party at her home each year.

“Each pancake is about 10cm in diameter, so they are not that massive. I prefer butter and sugar but when I get to the point when I feel quite sick, I have  a bit of lemon to cut through the richness.”

Colleague Eirian Price, Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager has worked out that if Laura live to be 80, she will have to eat a whopping  109 pancakes to meet her challenge.

“We all love a pancake or two on Shrove Tuesday, but Laura has taken this to a whole new level,” he said.

“She insists that no one should ever buy pancakes, because she says ultimately they are only ever made of varying quantities of flour eggs and milk.”

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