Sunday, May 28, 2023
Banquet For Hendy Residents

Banquet For Hendy Residents


The Discovery SVS (Student Volunteer Services) is a voluntary led registered charity, their aim is to enrich the lives of people in Swansea through their voluntary work, this charity has been established since 1966. At present they currently have around 300 student volunteers who are busy getting involved in over 40 voluntary projects all over the local community. The organisation envisages a community where people are treated as equals and are not discriminated against or disadvantaged by society.
Last week ten students organised a community meal, in partnership with the Tesco Food Cloud Fair Share Scheme. The food Cloud scheme is also a registered charity This organisation has an objective to save food and improve peoples well being, with its main aim to save food that was once destined to end up in land fill. The bulk of the food they donate to charitable organisations, is fresh food which has past its display by date, but still within a use by date The Charities the Food Share Cloud Scheme work with can be found across the whole of the UK.
Here are some facts about their record, just last year alone 12,336 tonnes of fresh food once destined for land fill was given to local charities, to help people in need, and a total of 5589 charities were supported, as a result this equates to a total of 25.8 million meals donated across the UK.
Recently a new partnership was organised, with the Discovery SVS, Tesco’s and the Elim Church. This proved a success and is just one example of the aims of the food share cloud scheme. The ten students cooked a meal with food that was donated by the Pontarddulais Tesco and they provided a  banquet using the Elim Church facilities for 48 people, all of whom lived local in the community of Hendy and Pontarddulais and surrounding areas.
The guests were invited to attended the event so that they could sample the students cooking. Hopefully this new partnership will be taking place again in few weeks time, where different student volunteers will be coming to the Light House at Elim Church to hold a similar event. Our local Tesco in Pontarddulais, supports several charities including, two local charities based at Elim Church who’s volunteers organise and distribute the food gifted on a daily base, to those that need it and for this support the local community says a big thank you.
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