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Judge Jules belts out some Tammy Wynette at the office karaoke

The women's struggle for equality has spanned the last two centuries and we are told, we are as a society, making progress. A far cry from Tammy Wynette's song, 'Stand By Your Man' it may be but Judge Jules (not a real judge) maintains that the struggle is far from over. She writes:

Fast forward nearly five decades and I think it is harder than ever to be a woman in today’s society. We want it all, careers, a family and time for our own social lives.

When I started...

Llannon and Tumble get two new defibrillators

LLANNON Community Council say that they are  delighted to be the recipients of two new defibrillators with security boxes for Llannon and Tumble.

Local business owner Cathy McPherson fundraised for a unit outside her shop, Maddocks Store in Tumble.

Llannon Community Council also provided assistance along with Gwyn Edwards to ensure that the community has the defibrillators which will be installed soon.

Cllr Nathan Holman, a local qualified paramedic, received the donation of the...

Phil’s Gone A Bridge Too Far

I’ve long suspected that so-called ‘inanimate objects’ are far from inanimate.

Either they’re an evil cabal conspiring against us to mess up our daily lives (Just like the Welsh Assembly). Or they have a wicked sense of humour (Unlike the Welsh Assembly).

Just think about the number of times you’ve tripped over something in the house that wasn’t there the last time you looked. How did it get there?

Conversely, how many times have you gone to pick something up that you...

Wetherspoon banishes trolls but website and app stay

To troll or not to troll?

Report by Alan Evans and Iwan Lewis

IT was National News headlines as JD Wetherspoon announced it was to shut down all it's social media accounts throughout its chain of 900 pubs across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

It may be a decision that a lot of people would like to make on behalf of their children, but a big business...

Front room folk

LISTEN again to the German duo The Hoodie Crows as they perform their set at  Loughor Boat Club.

The folk duo were on a tour of the UK using folk clubs, bars and front rooms in homes to promote their unique combination of folk songs inspired by some of the greats of the music industry as well as having written and produced some of their own material.

The duo played the Kilkenny Cat as well as making a front room appearance in New Road at the home of balladeer and wandering...

Punishing pedalling at Pembrey as Battle On The Beach returns

THE annual Battle On The Beach took place this weekend Saturday and Sunday (Apr 14-15) at Pembrey Country Park.
The event which draws in thousands of people to the area benefitted from glorious sunshine on the Saturday whereas it was a much cooler affair with showers on the Sunday.

Participants had the opportunity to camp within the Country Park and there were plenty of stalls providing food and entertainment including live music.

The Lezyne Battle in the Dark was back where...

Cefneithin dominate Pontyates to win local derby

THE men from Cefneithin looked determined and ready for anything even as they arrived in the car park of Pontyates RFC on Saturday (Apr 14).

If this was a local derby, it was as their coach told them also the Cup Final. Even their warmup had purpose and strength.

Speaking before the kick off Chairman of Pontyates RFC Geraint Rosser said: "We have a history and it is always a very hard game. During the game we are not very friendly. In all fairness they are the best side we have played...

Burry Port edge Betws in great rugby spectacle

Burry Port ran out winners in their clash with Betws RFC on Saturday (Apr 14)

Although Burry Port dominated play for most of the first half of the game, the visitors Betws put on a fine display of rugby themselves.

Betws managed to come back into the game and provide entertainment by way of two tries and two conversions in the second half.

It was the mighty Burry Port men in black though who took the plaudits and added yet another win to their very impressive season of rugby in...

In conversation with Phoenix Theatre Group’s producer Noel Rees

Noel Rees is a well known theatrical producer in Llanelli. He is a central figure in the Phoenix Theatre Group.

The group has been going strong for 47 years and Noel has taught drama to many young and aspiring actors and actresses in the town during that time. The Phoenix Theatre Group is self sustaining and they put on two major productions per year.

They are getting ready for their next production, which will be a play by Reggie Oliver entitled 'Once bitten'.

Noel describes it as...

Losing the pounds brings in the £’s for Ty Bryngwyn Hospice @GI Joe’s Rowathon

THE Rowathon is in full flow at GI Joe's and the sun isn't even over the yardarm.

It's Saturday (Apr 14) and while a lot of people are off out shopping the dedicated disciples of Joe's Army made their way to the HQ in Cambrian Street to take to the rowing machines for a mammoth 24 hour row.

Taking turns the participants were well aware of the need to bring in the pounds as they lost the pounds on the machines.

Joe said that this was a charity close to people's hearts and a lot...