Traffic Problems: Sandy Road

NIA Griffith MP is calling for swift action by Carmarthenshire County Council to ease the traffic problems on Sandy Road.

The MP wants the Council to consult and give serious consideration to introducing the prohibition of right turns into or out of Maes-y-coed.

Nia Griffith explained: “Local residents and commuters are absolutely at the end of their tether with the new Sandy Road lights. After months of roadworks, the lights have now been in place for over a month and it is obvious that simply adjusting the calibration of the lights is nothing like enough to prevent the tailbacks.

That’s why I am calling for a much more radical solution such as the idea, suggested to me by local residents of prohibiting traffic from turning right off Sandy Road into Maes-y-coed and likewise no right turn out of Maes-y-coed onto Sandy Road.

Clearly we need consultation but this would be a cheap and easy solution that could be implemented quickly with minimal disruption and without having to wait for major funding.

I appreciate some residents on the estates would have to drive a bit further round Denham Avenue on their way home from town, but this change to the lights would make their journey quicker, and I would also appeal to their consideration for Sandy Road residents and other commuters.

We need decisive action and quickly from Carmarthenshire County Council.”

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  1. That’s a ridiculous idea, have you not seen how narrow and congested Denham Avenue is during morning and evening commutes. By shifting the traffic from Sandy Road to Denham Avenue you’ll make the matter worse and people will be queuing through Denham Avenue into Sandy Road. It’ll be chaos with barely single file traffic each way trying to navigate the parked cars taking up all the free space

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